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Coronavirus Tips

Resources and Tips: Addressing Coronavirus with Children and Teens

There are so many “teachable moments” surrounding the issue of the Novel Coronavirus. Like any news event whether it’s a global medical crisis, a natural disaster or terrorism, some children will be more concerned than others. As parents and teachers, grandparents, coaches or mentors, it’s an opportunity to share facts in an age-appropriate way, listen and keep the discussion going. Not only does this help in real time but whether we’re aware of it or not, children and teens are learning by example on how to handle big situations. (Some call this resilience.)

A good place to start is to get some advice from the experts. These resources may help in making children feel safe, informed and heard:

Teaching Respect

Being a good example, of course, also includes how we treat others during a crisis, including exhibiting any kind of prejudice or negative talk or feelings towards a population because they were directly impacted by this global event.

Curriculum both parents and teachers might find helpful:

Coronavirus: Fostering Empathy in an Interconnected World: Morningside Center

Of course, a simple google search will result in many highly regarded sources with top notch
advice. These are but a few but the hope is that they will jump start your conversation.

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