Getting to the Heart of Bullying Prevention

pulling out one strand, one problem and one perspective at a time…

the challenge

Bullying impacts millions of children each year. The effects of targeted mean behavior are messy, complicated and hurtful. It’s a Tangled Ball. But hey, we’re moms and dads, teachers and principals, coaches and mentors. We’re not afraid of messy.

Tangled Ball’s mission is to provide high-quality information and resources for parents, parent groups and schools to help untangle a few strings during the pre-K through elementary school years.

Bullying behavior peaks in middle school but begins as early as 4 years old.

And although most initiatives are created for schools, home is the foundation for

The guiding rule of action should be to intervene too early rather than too late.
– Dan Olweus, PhD, and founder of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program.

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Children who feel emotionally and socially safe and valued do better in school and have an easier time making and keeping friends.

We can give them two powerful things: skills and our support.

Tell a Trusted Adult
— the most common piece of expert advice

Bottom Line: Adults have the power to raise little leaders.

Leadership is the Anti-Bully.