Bullying Prevention Month: The Power of Support

I’m excited. I get to tag along to the movies with two teenagers who are babysitting. The Tivoli Theater is old, the floors are sticky and the red velvet seats are so springy that I have to use all my weight to keep the seat down. I’m 9-years old. Before the lights go down, I […]

A Message for Mother’s Day

A message for mother's day. Supporting Ukrainian moms this year.

As you know, I’m one of your biggest fans. I see what you do as moms. You’re raising superheroes: kids with the power of compassion, empathy, loyalty, honesty and friendship . You are a leader nurturing leadership and as we all know, the world needs strong, kind leaders. Superheroes Unite. We’re in this together. I […]

Military Family Month: How We Can All Honor Families That Serve

Military family building a connection with their child.

I’ve had the privilege of speaking with so many wonderful parents around the country and have learned so much about the joys and challenges of raising children today. A group of parents that really stands out to me is military moms and dads. My outstanding takeaway is they know how to support each other. Since […]

One Trusted Adult

The top piece of advice that bullying prevention experts give kids is tell a trusted adult. It’s the #1 tip.  Great advice but only if we, the adults, know what that entails. Most of us, I believe, are well meaning.  Being worthy of the title trusted, I believe, is a whole different thing. It takes […]

Be Nice to the New Kid Month!

Whether school started today or within the next month, my hope is that it starts off with joy and on the right foot. That is why I fondly call this Be Nice to the New Kid Month. There are many studies on the positive effects of kindness. It’s a teachable skill and one that does […]

Teaching Bravery

Seven year-old Lucy was on her virtual classroom “meet.” The substitute teacher was trying to get to know each first grader through an ice breaker by asking if they were afraid of anything. The majority of the class said shots. It’s unclear whether this was a “copy cat” answer or not, but one child after […]

Magic Moments

The minute I heard it, I thought “Why didn’t I think of that?” It was just the other day during an amazing discussion hosted by Luminary. The moderator, Dora Herrera, President of Yuca’s Restaurants and Ashley Brundage, author of Empowering Differences were kindly answering my question on how we can help children channel their strength […]

Yay! Back in School…But Is Bullying Back, Too?

After months of being home, some kids are slowly cycling back into “in-person” school. Happy day. For some. For others, the anxiety begins because being home full time felt safe. If your young children are having trouble socially, it can be a tough transition back. How can you help if you suspect your child is […]

Worried Screens are Taking Over? Some Expert Advice.

As parents, we have so many questions and frankly, worries, as we continue to raise kids during a pandemic. There are no textbooks on how to do this correctly. Guidelines and pre-Covid rules do not seem to apply.   I recently had a conversation about this with family technology expert, Denise DeRosa, after we both […]