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7 Bullying Prevention Resources To Take Into 2024

Teacher in class with students.

“Get away from me. You’re so stupid!  Nobody needs you! You’re ugly!  Get out of my face.” These harsh and cruel words, among others, were viciously repeated by several female students and hurled at another classmate during art class. As a volunteer in the school that day, I was dumbfounded. By the way, the “mean” girls […]

Grandparents as Bullying Prevention Champions: Unleashing Your Power!

Grandparents playing with grandchild.

The PDX Story It was so unexpected. I already knew it was going to be a good day but never guessed howgood. Getting off the plane at PDX, I was excited to see my grandchildren in the distance,jumping up and down waving their homemade signs welcoming me to Portland (Oregon). Aftergiving them massive hugs, I […]

Bullying: Feelings of Loss and Grief

Woman holding child in her arms. Child is sad and mother is comforting him.

As the old joke goes, there are only two guarantees in life: taxes and death. All joking aside, there is perhaps a third: grief. Wouldn’t it be nice to think we could escape heartache? Although difficult, It’s a universal and painful experience. Loss can come in many forms. It can be the loss of a […]

Holiday Disconnect for Children

Look for the heroes tucked into this true story of resilience… Steven. Steven, a friendly and lighthearted 11-year-old boy comes home every day from school for a week and is more quiet than usual. After being adopted from Africa at age 5, he attends the same school since kindergarten. Normally upbeat with a fairly close […]

Bullying Prevention Month: The Power of Support

I’m excited. I get to tag along to the movies with two teenagers who are babysitting. The Tivoli Theater is old, the floors are sticky and the red velvet seats are so springy that I have to use all my weight to keep the seat down. I’m 9-years old. Before the lights go down, I […]

Bullying Prevention: Learning From Each Other

Child running around in playground.

Photo by Mary Taylor A good friend reached out with this story and perhaps you can relate. There was only a week left for school for her third grader and things socially seemed to be going south. The Problem Randomly, it was a new game at recess that was getting in the way and creating […]

A Message for Mother’s Day

A message for mother's day. Supporting Ukrainian moms this year.

As you know, I’m one of your biggest fans. I see what you do as moms. You’re raising superheroes: kids with the power of compassion, empathy, loyalty, honesty and friendship . You are a leader nurturing leadership and as we all know, the world needs strong, kind leaders. Superheroes Unite. We’re in this together. I […]

Military Family Month: How We Can All Honor Families That Serve

Military family building a connection with their child.

I’ve had the privilege of speaking with so many wonderful parents around the country and have learned so much about the joys and challenges of raising children today. A group of parents that really stands out to me is military moms and dads. My outstanding takeaway is they know how to support each other. Since […]

One Trusted Adult

The top piece of advice that bullying prevention experts give kids is tell a trusted adult. It’s the #1 tip.  Great advice but only if we, the adults, know what that entails. Most of us, I believe, are well meaning.  Being worthy of the title trusted, I believe, is a whole different thing. It takes […]