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Additional Resources for You

Finding valuable resources can be hard + time consuming

With the Tangled Ball of bullying, it’s important that resources and approaches are high quality, well-researched and sustainable. New information, resources, books, movies, and some sources of inspiration that help parents + educators tackle the Tangled Ball of bullying prevention, mental health, and leadership are constantly surfacing. Check out a few of the recommendations from Tangled Ball®, and other current favorites. We encourage you to share these resources with others!

May 2022

No child should feel alone. And no parent or teacher should feel alone, either. In that spirit, I am following through on my promise to continually share awesome resources.

This month’s picks span from great tips on being a trusted adult (invaluable!), to a children’s book about community (so important!), and a top-notch mental health resource (critical!). 

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