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The Silent Soul Crusher of #Bullying

Sometimes it’s not the words that hurt, it’s the shrug of the shoulders, it’s the no eye contact, it’s the looking through a person and not at them.  It’s the absence of words.
Message is received.  You’re not important.  Your heart shrinks a little more.  Kids know when their peers or even adults are not that interested in them.  It’s like the title of the book and movie by the same name, “He’s Just Not that Into You.”  
This is something that has to be experienced to understand.  And that’s really part of the harsh reality.  Often this is a silent soul crusher because the method of hurting another is off the radar.  No one sees it.  It’s no big deal to others.  It doesn’t matter.  There is no recourse.  It is isolating and there is no road map.
No child should feel alone.  Correction.  No person should feel alone.
Kids don’t read this blog so if you’re an adult who is made to feel small by being made to feel invisible, please know that your suffering is real.  Although we probably have never met, I am sorry if you are feeling diminished in any way.

You are important and fight for yourself.  Get new friends.  Seek new circles and perhaps look out for a child who may be feeling the same way.  See them. Validate their importance.  

Your interest is proof of how important you are.  Sometimes it just takes one person to remind a child of their value.  You won’t know it by their words but you’ll see it in their eyes.
My hope is that you are seen and appreciated today.