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GOOD NEWS…Things got better for Tricia…

Remember Tricia? (Click on May Archive to the right for the full story.) Well, I heard from her mom…and guess what? Things are better at school. Both Tricia and her mom are in disbelief. It seems that how she said…or something she said…on the bus on the way home from the school trip clicked with a few of the kids. Shock of all shocks, one of the girls recently invited Tricia to her birthday party and a boy invited her to his party in August.

As life goes, Tricia couldn’t go to the girl’s party because she was going to be out of town. (Don’t you just hate that, parents?! Just when you think you have everything planned and organized, something important comes up for your kids…and you’re conflicted!)

Guess what smart thing Tricia’s mom did, though? The two of them went out and bought the girl a gift and dropped it off at her house. The girl actually hugged Tricia.

Thought you could use a good ending. And it’s true.

The moral of this story is to listen to your child, don’t let anger blind you and hang in there!

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