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Cyberbullying: Why We Need to Start Raising Little Leaders Online

If I have one piece of advice for every single elementary school and every single parent, it is to make teaching leadership a priority offline…and ONLINE.  Start early.

Common sense says that if we wouldn’t let a child cross a street without holding their hand and teaching them the rules of the road, why would we let them loose online where there are a few dark alleys.

The discussion about technology and younger children involves what’s healthy (physically) but also how very young children learn to interact with others (socially/emotionally).  If you have young children, this Huffington Post blog by Dr. Larry Rosen gives some insight to why parents should be strategic about their child’s technology use.

Imagine if we could make digital citizenship a priority.  We’d all worry a little less.

This infographic by The Wired Child,  made me sit up and take notice about technology use in really young kids.

Source: Early Childhood Education Degrees

via Early Childhood Education