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Bullying: Demi Lovato is an UPSTANDER!

Demi Lovato hearts Kelly Clarkson, and Bill O'Reilly hearts Demi Lovato

(Click on link above and scroll to short 2nd video to see Demi’s advice to kids about bullying.)

Good girl, Demi. You haven’t backed down from your message. A couple of years ago when you were really young, you were public about the bullying you received. That must have been hard as a young teen to be so vocal about something that is so diminishing. But you didn’t stop there and now that you’re (almost) 18 — Happy Birthday tomorrow, btw — you’re still getting the message out there. It’s a brave and kind and very thoughtful way to use your celebrityhood.

Demi Lovato is an UPSTANDER!

Thanks, Demi, for encouraging adults and kids to step up and say “It’s Not O.K.” It’s also good advice to” Tell someone”…and so for all those “someones” out there, including parents, teachers, peers, coaches, counselors, aunts, uncles, grandparents and any adult with a brain and a heart, Listen Up! Validate! Follow UP! Be Compassionate.

You may never know how much a difference you’re making but know that being an upstander can change someone’s life. And when you do something cool like helping someone who needs to feel ok about themselves, do something good for yourself. Pat yourself on the back, get a double latte and tell yourself you’re a superhero even though no one can see your cape.