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Sandy and Teaching Kindness

By November 13, 2012 No Comments

The date of my last post was October 29th.

Since then, things have changed on our Island of Staten.

I feel as if the Island has been through a war and everyone is shell-shocked.  Kindness hasn’t been so important to our oxygen since 9/11.

As I walked this desperate neighborhoods a few days after the storm, it was amazing how many kids I saw helping out.  They came from all over — grade schools, middle school, high schools and colleges.

This is a fine teachable moment and since kindness, empathy and leadership are the “anti-bully,” I applaud each parent who is encouraging their children to help.

Our kids had so many happy moments in our former beloved beach house.  Many days of no tv, hanging out, being lazy, and just being kids.  It was supposed to become part of the NYC Parks Department.  Sandy had other plans.

Just being kids is such a gift.  Don’t let anything take that away — a storm — or even a peer who decides that taking someone down a notch is a fun game.

It’s a good time to get kids involved in helping others less fortunate.  It makes them pause before they diminish someone else’s chance for a light-hearted childhood.

Thanks for all of your kindnesses in the past two weeks.  It’s everything.

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