Can’t type too much today.  Sandy is upon us.

Since this has to be brief, I wanted to tell you about someone really cool who we can all support, even in stormy weather.  He’s riding his bike as part of the One Million Acts of Kindness Campaign.

Beginning in New York City in mid-October 2012, I will ride The Kindness Bicycle
and Kindness Bus around the perimeter of the United States. This 9,000 mile ride
will take one year, ending in New York City in October 2013. I will visit schools
along my travels, addressing school bullying, cyber bullying and adolescent suicide.
On a personal note, this ride is also to honor the 3 students killed at Chardon High
School in Ohio on February 27th 2012, which is only 10 miles from my home. I will ride
in their honor along with 3 young adults I knew from my hometown, who took their lives.
My mission on this ride has but one focus: To save kids lives.

Isn’t this amazing?!  Go, Bob.

I love it.  Hope you do, too, and I hope he makes a lot of money.

If you’re in the East, BE SAFE!

And if you’re everywhere else, enjoy your day.

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  • Bob Votruba says:

    Thank you for the kind words Susan.
    I am hoping to inspire as many individuals to realize the value of their lives and that of other's lives. Each and every one of us has so much to offer to this world. People who are hurting need to have a belief system of the incredible love which lies within. We all have a gift to give back. To me, it answers the question: What is the meaning of life?
    Kindness always prevails,
    Bob Votruba

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