This is so disturbing but let’s look at it one string at a time:

No. 1: “Jessi” is too young to be on this site.

No. 2: “Jessi” has no judgment about how to communicate online. Again, she’s too young (but I have to say that I know some 11 year olds who have better judgment.)

No. 3: What about the parents?

No. 4: Why is she unsupervised? Is the computer in her bedroom? (That’s against all common sense for her age.)

No. 5: Why are people so extreme in their anger? Death threats?

No. 6: Not only is Jessi mad at her online tormentors but her Dad’s behavior may be scaring her, too. No one’s in charge.

Dr. Real is right. Anger fuels anger.

No. 7: Jessi is 11 and this may sound trite, but it’s a bit disturbing that she’s wearing so much makeup.

Poor Jessi. She’s just a kid. Looks like she wasn’t encouraged to remember that.

Bottom Line: In case your pre-teen kids are pressuring you to have a Facebook or MySpace page or be on any social networking site that’s not for kids, don’t let them.

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