After Ziainey Stokes was being bullied in one school, she moved to another. It didn’t help. She was still picked on.

One of the first pieces of expert advice to bullied kids is to “tell an adult.” Ziainey was really sick of being harrassed so she did just that. The adult was President Obama.

It was a good choice for a couple of reasons. Who’s going to mess with you when at any moment, the motorcade might pull up? Or instead of hearing your name on the loud speaker, you’ll hear your name (but not in a good way) during the State of the Union address. Obama has said publicly a few times, including during his first interview after being elected, that “meanness” is one of his pet peeves.

Even though we’re not in the White House (unless of course, Michelle O is reading this), we can still be that adult. Is meanness your pet peeve? If so, make some kid’s day and step up.

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