A New Low..Boy with CP Being Tormented by Classmates…

I usually try to stay upbeat but this story has me reeling with anger. How can this happen? A 15-year old boy with cerebral palsy being emotionally humiliated and physically abused by classmates — since 3rd grade????

By the way, one of the most disturbing aspects of this abuse is holding him down and pouring dog food in his mouth. Barbaric. But we’re letting it happen.

As Bill Cosby would say, “Come on, people!”. We need to start recognizing that we are raising an angry society and the line just keeps getting crossed.

No one stepped in??? It’s a simple lesson for everyone — Don’t let things like this happen. Say something. Do Something. Anything.

And talk to your children about never engaging in cruel behavior even as a “bystander.” Watching and/or knowing and not doing anything about it is cruel in itself.

We’re not saying enough to our children to make them aware of right and wrong. We’re abdicating our responsibility and letting entertainment take over. Kids are watching enough “reality” tv to presume that the mean behavior they see IS reality. It’s not…yet. But because we don’t explain that it’s not or simply turn the tv off, it’s slowly but surely becoming reality. Somehow kids in the U.S. are getting the message that mean is somewhat “cool.”

Irresponsible producers will never see the light and do the right thing. So Step Up Parents. Step Up Kids. And Step Up Schools. This should be breaking all of our hearts.

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