Last week, Florida State University (Go, Seminoles!) came out with a study that basically said (drum roll) that “authoritative” parents were the key to kids not being severely impacted by bullying.

The trial involved 426 adolescents, with 15 of them suffering various degrees of bullying. Researchers discovered that the main difference was from styles of parenting. Those who had “authoritative” parents did not suffer from the effects of bullying.

This is really important information. It basically says, when parents set rules and step in, their kids have a better shot at having a better childhood. Think about it, growing up without bullying IS a better childhood.

Are you the only parent on the block who has rules about how your kids treat others? Do you have expectations on how they are to be treated — online and offline — in school and out of school? Feeling like you’re a weirdo for caring about something so old-fashioned? Feeling very uncool?

Well, CONGRATULATIONS! You’re the winner and your kids are the winners when you’re the boss. Your kids still might think you’re cool and if not now, may be when they become parents themselves. If you don’t believe me, just ask the Seminoles.