Top Ten Tips on Raising Little Leaders

A Workshop for Parents

Learn How To:

  • Protect Your Children’s Confidence: Bullying Prevention Basics
  • Be A Superhero: Developing Go-To Trusted Adult Skills
  • Raise Successful Leaders: Teaching Children How to Respect Themselves and Others
  • Prepare Kids for the New Neighborhood of Technology: Safety and Nurturing Kindness Online

Join Susan S. Raisch, author of, Superheroes Wear Mom Jeans: The Tangled Ball® Guide to Anti-Bullying for Parents of Young Childrenand Founder of, in a presentation and discussion of the power of parents in early childhood bullying prevention and leadership skill building.

Susan shares tips from national experts in psychology, child development, bullying prevention, and internet safety, from Harvard, Yale, International Bullying Prevention Association (IBPA), Common Sense Media, Committee for ChildrenPACER Center, Understood, Alberti Center for Bullying Abuse Prevention, among many others.

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