Raising Superheroes!

National speaker, Susan S. Raisch, empowers parents to raise confident and caring children with everyday tips backed by world-renowned psychology and child development research.

A leadership workshop for parents.

  • Protect Your Children’s Confidence
    Bullying Prevention Basics
  • Be a Superhero
    Developing Go-To Trusted Adult Skills
  • Raise Successful Leaders
    Teaching Children How to Respect Themselves & Others
  • Prepare Kids for the New Neighborhood of Technology
    Safety & Nurturing Kindness Online
  • Take Oxygen First
    How Self Care is Essential to Mindful Parenting

"As a father, this workshop helped me make more meaningful parenting decisions.”


"I walked away thinking how we raise our kids can change the world… and the best part is we don’t have to be perfect to do that."


"I found Susan’s approach to be so refreshing. She doesn’t scare parents. She empowers them."

NicoleChild Neuropsychologist/Mom

“I couldn’t put the book down and the workshop was so helpful.”

Pat3rd Grade Teacher
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Thank you for being a Superhero!