One more day until October’s Bullying Prevention Awareness Month…and the beginning of Tangled Ball’s month long shout out to people stepping up. On each of the 31 days, Tangled Ball will feature an expert in the field whose work benefits parents, schools and most importantly, kids.

There are great experts out there doing fantastic work. You should know about them.

How were they chosen? Completely and unapologetically subjectively. Through conventions, research and word of mouth, Tangled Ball found professionals in their fields that are proactive, inclusive, smart, realistic and compassionate. Included in the bunch are authors, researchers, Ph.Ds, filmmakers and speakers. The one thing they all have in common is they’re brave. Bullying is a Tangled Ball issue. It’s not easy to fix but it hasn’t stopped these advocates. The more we know, the better the chances that kids will have an easier time of it. These award winners deserve our attention and applause because every child has the right to feel good about themselves.

In addition to these professionals, Tangled Ball will be featuring regular folks who perhaps don’t start their name with Dr. but who in their own way and in their own world are stepping up. It could be a teacher, coach, parent, crossing guard, lunch lady, aunt, uncle, grandparent and/or especially a kid! (And hey, I didn’t mean to discriminate against doctors, if you know one who deserves it, go ahead and nominate.)

Their name and a brief description of what makes them special will be added to a post every day. In other words, every person you submit will get a shout out during October. It’s not the Oscar, but sometimes people need a high five, slap on the back and a big fat Thank You. That’s the Tangled Ball Award! These are the people that will inspire others to be upstanders.

Nominations can be sent to or you can scroll down and talk about them in the comments box. I’ll publish the comment during October. Can’t wait to hear from you!