Have you heard of The Fat Boy Chronicles?  The book, co-written by authors Michael Buchanan and Diane Lang, both former award-winning teachers, is based on a true story of a bullied obese ninth grader.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, you’re transported back to high school.  I swear that you can almost smell the cafeteria and feel that old familiar knot in your stomach when the main character, Jimmy Winterpock, talks about gym class.

(I guess I shouldn’t speak for everyone when I wince at the memories of gym, but my high school nemesis, Erin, made gym a living hell for me.  I’m embarrassed to say that when I heard she hadn’t faired too well in adulthood, I wasn’t surprised or heartbroken.  Small of me, I know, but I’m human.)

Through Jimmy’s English class journal entries, we get a realistic peak into what high school is really like for an obese teen.  Obesity is the #1 reason kids are bullied but I think any kid who is perceived as “different” in any way, can relate to The Fat Boy Chronicles.   The movie inspired by the novel masterfully tells Jimmy’s story and is perfect for school and community screenings.  Curriculum is also available.

The creators of The Fat Boy Chronicles have embarked on a new project:  Boxes.

The premise:  Everyone has worth.

They’re looking to raise money to see this project off the ground.  I’m going to donate because their mission makes sense to me.

Just in case you’re interested, here’s more info:

If you’re a teacher, principal or counselor, you may want to use The Fat Boy Chronicles in your school in September (National Obesity Awareness Month) and/or October (National Bullying Prevention Month.)