I defy you to look at this trailer for The Bully Project and not understand that our kids are suffering.

Sometimes it’s hard to walk into a classroom and be able to identify who, along with their backpack, is carrying this heartache around with them.

Is it necessary? I really don’t think so and if you don’t think so, either, consider making a donation to this film. I’m thrilled that the White House hosted a bullying summit. I have confidence that good things will come from that meeting…but I think this documentary will make the biggest positive impact to date. FYI: The Bully Project will be featured at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 23rd.

We need to untangle more strings faster because at the core of this tangled ball mess of an issue, is the heart of a child. We can either stand by and watch it break or we can step in and make sure it remains whole.