To honor my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, of course, I wanted to share a few things that make me feel grateful. (There are tons more but my guess is that you may be thankful for short posts!)

Talking with Parents

During the year, I’ve had the absolute pleasure of talking with many parents in a wide variety of settings, including schools, homes, and military bases. The settings may be different but the parents all want the same thing. They want their children to grow up confident and kind.

Talking with Bullying Prevention, Online Safety and Leadership Experts

I had the distinct pleasure of speaking at the International Bullying Prevention Conference in Chicago a few weeks ago. Although I felt honored to be one of the presenters, I was even more thrilled to hear others speak. Whether they were researchers, advocates, mental health experts or change makers, to a person they were sincere in their efforts to help children as they navigate an increasingly complex world. Their work in resilience, kindness and compassion inspired me more than I can say. Here’s just a few of the great resources to check out:

Sesame Workshop’s Circle of Care

No Bully/Power of Zero 

Bullied by Carrie Goldman

Youth Voice Project

Cyberbullying Research Center

The Diana Award

On a lighter note, I’m also grateful for…


A few weeks ago, I was having a bad day. I believe there’s a quote of bad days that have to be filled and I was knocking one off the list. The good thing is the next day was much better. I willed it that way.  But when my son called me on the not so good afternoon, I wanted to end the conversation with something light so I told him I was grateful for a good pair of socks. You know the kind. They hug your feet at the right places. About 3 weeks later, guess what I got in the mail from him? Yes, socks. Lovely socks.

It’s not just about the socks. It was that he listened and then followed through on a small act of kindness.


I love being around kids and adults who have a great imagination. It’s inspiring and fun. I’m now imagining that you are enjoying the kick-off to the holiday season with less worry and more joy.

More JOY.


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