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Share Your Brilliant Ideas to Help Parents with Internet Safety

By July 13, 2009 One Comment

It’s the “New Neighborhood Watch.”

In opening remarks at a recent UN symposium on Cyber Hate, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said, “The Internet has brought tremendous good but there are a few dark alleys.”

Many smart people are out there trying to help us navigate the “dark alleys,” but no doubt the best advice comes from parents who live in real homes with real kids. It’s time to share tips on what’s working. Everything from where the computer is in the home, age appropriateness and social networking, cyberbullying, rules, enforcement of rules and what happens when, as in the “old” days when you didn’t want your parents invading your room, your kids don’t want you near their computer or their Facebook page.

Let’s hear it all and about every age. Let’s help each other face the fear of the new neighborhood of technology land so we can move on to other activities, like saving for college. Just kidding. I’d rather talk about the dangers of the Internet. Much less scary.

Click on “Share Your Brilliant Ideas…” under Archive to the right and a comment box will appear at the bottom. Give your best advice, vent a little, ask a question or preach. Whatever will shed a little light.

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  • amprice says:

    Parents, don't forget about MOBILE Internet safety. Kids increasingly are using iPod Touch/iPhones to get to the wild web. Our developer team with 7 kids between them created SurfBalance, a safe browser for those devices. it blocks inappropriate content, lets you set usage limits, sends you reports & has 1,000 human-review sites kids can go to.

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