Volunteers from Hudson Valley Community College
Troy, New York

How They Came?
After a student tried to get funding to bring a group to Staten Island and it fell through, the Hudson Valley Community College stepped up with the funds.  They were able to hire a bus to make the
 6 hour round trip.  
Why they came?  
“We just couldn’t stay away.”

Yesterday was a dark, rainy day which makes the destruction on Staten Island look even worse.  Bleak.  Seemingly unsurmountable.

It’s the volunteers who just show up that provide the few rays of sunshine.

They come from all over.  A few blocks away, a few hours away, a few states away.

Most of them come in, help, and get out.  Never asking for a thing.  Not even a thank you.

These volunteers are the glue holding our affected neighborhoods together.

It’s been six weeks since the storm and they still come.  As time goes on, it’s even more important that they show up.  Some families want to give up until someone says two simple words:  “Need Help?”

I’d like to share some of the faces of those rays of hope.

Thank you to all who keep coming while much of the world moves on.

Thank you, Hudson Valley Community College!  Hope you had a warm and satisfying trip back to Troy.

If you have a volunteer you’d like me to highlight, please send along their story of kindness.  You can email me at thetangledball@gmail.com.