For any parent who had the joy of seeing their angelic children opening up the coveted cell phones, computers, and XBoxes this holiday season, there’s another gift that goes with it. One that the whole family can enjoy. Some Common Sense.

As parents, we all know that this new age of technology brings great things, such as talking with friends, downloading music, movies, tv shows, help with homework, texting and “apps” galore. Kids who receive their first cell phone have that glorious feeling of empowerment and independence.

Independence is so great. It’s comparable to the thrilling feeling of getting that first bike. And I bet when you purchased the bike, you also bought the helmet.

So consider this tip a gift to you and your little munchkins. It’s information on how to keep your kids safe online. It’s incredibly worth reading because you’ll sleep better at night. To raise good digital citizens we have to become good digital parents.
Common Sense is a great tool to help with some of the gray areas of parenting when it comes to technology and safety.

Go ahead and read it. It doesn’t take long. No longer than getting on the knee and elbow guards and snapping on the helmet and running down the street holding the back of the bike and yelling, “Pedal, Pedal, Pedal!”.