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Parenting Offline to Online

By November 10, 2009 4 Comments

I’m not proud of the fact that that my children were never given any guidance when I put them in front of the computer. Who knows what sites they’ve seen? And I never discussed mobile phone etiquette so if they ever received hurtful texts, they didn’t tell me. (A high percentage of preteens and teens don’t tell. One reason: fear their parents will overreact by taking away their access to Facebook, MySpace and their beloved cell.)

But, I’ve learned that it’s just like teaching your kids how to swim. Once you do, you worry a little less about them drowning.

As parents, we don’t need one more thing to make us feel like we’re lousy at our jobs, but who has the time to do everything? This short video from iKeepSafe might help. Check out the What You Need to Know.

It’s like a short swimming lesson. It’s good if you get wet but you don’t have to stay in the pool until your fingertips shrivel. In other words, it covers the basics so you know enough to watch from the sidelines and cheer when your kids say “Mom, watch this!,” or jump in when they look like they’re in a little trouble.

Kids shouldn’t feel alone in the new neighborhood of technology. They need us.

What’s your favorite resource?

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