The tragedy keeps unfolding. I feel like the whole country got a glass of ice water thrown on their face. Anyone who’s been on the fence about whether bullying is just “kids being kids” got a wake up call.

No one wants to be Phoebe Prince’s family tonight. No one wants to be one of the nine teenagers and their families tonight. Bottom line.

So. How do we talk to our kids about it? Ask them what they think. Believe me, a conversation like that will be invaluable. Ask them what they think. Ask them how they think it can be changed. It’s a good time to listen.

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  • Nancy DeMuro says:

    It's time to step up and hear the voices of these poor children! It is everyone's problem whether our child is the target, the bystander or the BULLY! Let's stop this culture of Meanness! The "legal" lines have been drawn with this groundbreaking tragedy! Unfortunately Phoebe Prince had to pay the ultimate price! Choose the right side!

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