Public schools in the northeast start back to school today. Now that almost everyone in the country has started a new school year, it’s a good time to celebrate the National Be Nice to the New Kid Day.

Of course, this is not an official holiday. I just made it up… but why not? If we made a point of telling each one of our children to be nice to the new kid, can you imagine what a positive impact it would make, not only on the new kids but on our schools as a whole?

It only takes a minute to remind them and surprisingly, kids usually step up. Ask them two questions when they come home. “How was your day?” and “Were you nice to the new kid?”

Were you ever the new kid? If so, I bet it doesn’t matter how many years it’s been because you will always remember whether someone stepped up to be nice to you. A smile or being included at a lunch table could make your whole day. Heck, it could set the right pace for the entire school year.

Now that power is in your child’s hands. Empower them. And if they are the new kid, tell them to be nice to the other new kids. Nothing takes care of new school jitters like looking beyond yourself to help someone else.

Good luck and many good wishes for a happy new school year full of growth and joy and happy new relationships.

Thought this was an appropriate day to share this video: No Legs, No Arms, No Worries. Children don’t need worries. They do need a little kindness.