Military Parents: Great Teachers During Coronavirus

By May 23, 2020 No Comments

May is National Military Appreciation Month and what better time to say thank you than on Memorial Day Weekend.

Parents everywhere have been challenged with Coronavirus and the isolation and pressure it brings. Resilience is not just a word anymore. It’s a way of life. But military families already have a handle on resilience including multiple moves and financial strain,  just to mention two of the stressors.

Of all the parents I’ve met across the country, I’ve learned the most from military families. In a nutshell:  they know how to just jump in and help. The wonderful moms and dads I’ve met know how to size up a situation and step forward to help others. They understand what it’s like to help a child through being the “new kid” or how to get the best medical care in a new area or how to develop a support group.

As an example, I wasn’t surprised when I saw one of the Coast Guard spouses I had recently met get a Facebook group together to help healthcare workers. The pandemic was young at the time and while everyone else was reeling, Sara was pulling together resources.

This Memorial Day is like no other. God Bless all of you who not only serve the country but are also serving your current communities.  You continue to teach us about sacrifice, resilience, generosity and fortitude.

Thank you. And good luck during this crazy time.