Masking Feelings

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Whether you’re homeschooling or school-schooling, the one thing everyone seems to have in common is strong feelings either of fear, hope, confusion or all of the above.

Each household is a tangled ball of emotions unique to their individual families. Some kids seem happy to be home, others excited to go back, some a bit worried that it won’t be the same and still more not sure how they feel. Or if they know how they feel, they’re not saying.

Kids instinctively know when parents are stressed. Whether a parent is working or not, a teacher or not, a healthcare worker or not, there are pressures. It’s hard to talk to a parent who has so much legitimately on their mind. But silence from kids may be masking strong emotions that are difficult to handle on their own. (And speaking of masking, just the “new normal” of wearing a mask is a big deal. Necessary but hard.)

In the midst of the angst, kids might be feeling more vulnerable. Being aware of their vulnerability will help them navigate the whole school situation.

The only tool you need as a parent is a good memory…

Most of us can close our eyes and remember what it’s like to be a child or teen. But we didn’t experience what it was like to be a child or teen in a pandemic. They are now the experts.

Let’s ask the “experts” how they’re doing. In this moment, the thing that matters most is their answer. If you suspect they are experiencing anxiety or depression, seek the help of a professional. There may be a variety of issues that are at the core: pandemic, isolation, or even worries around going back to school and bullying behaviors. 

Now, how are YOU doing? 

Here’s a resource and three articles that may help:

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Cheering you on, as always.