Leadership is the act of doing good when no one is looking.

But everyone likes to be recognized, including kids.

It’s also leadership to recognize the good deeds of others.

Here’s my hot tip for October, which happens to National Bullying Prevention Month.

MEDABO cards.  These little cards bring big smiles and inspire in countless ways.

At a recent One Can Count workshop, elementary school teachers and administrators were encouraged to use the cards to catch fellow staff members in the act of showing kindness.  Kids can also be inspired to pass it forward.  Try asking the students to hold on to one card and to pay the other card forward.  The recipient can be asked to pay it forward again… and again…and again.  Watch the magic happen.  (If you order card stock, kids can write their initials on one and see where it lands at the end of a week.)

It’s simple. It’s fun. It makes an impact.


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