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Notice that the headline doesn’t say “How To Prevent A Child From Being Bullied.” Because sometimes we can’t. These things often happen in their worlds, not ours. Sometimes there’s not a solution. Sometimes the only thing you can do is notice, listen, sympathize and make them their favorite meal. (And then try not to cry yourself to sleep.)

It is heart-wrenching when we don’t have the answers and we may not ever know if just listening and “being there” did any good. Chances are though, that it does. You only have to look back at your own experience to know that it’s true.

Bullying prevention expert Dr. Dorothy Espelage appeared on the show to share her thoughts on what to do for your child. It’s good Be the One Go-To Adult advice. I sincerely hope you don’t need it but in the event that you could use expert advice, here it is.