Ever get discouraged at the holidays?  Does it seem like the real meaning gets lost?  You’d like to give back but you barely have any energy left after the madness of Black Friday, the tension of Cyber Monday, the decorating, and the multiple trips to the grocery store.  There’s no time to do good.  You know you should be teaching kids the concept of giving but you have no idea of how you could even squeeze in one more thing.

But then you read this statistic and it’s hard to ignore: More than 1 in 5 children are at risk for hunger.
Start a Food Fight.  Now you can rally the troops, feed the hungry, and inspire others by going to  YouGiveGoods and starting an online food drive to benefit the charity of your choice.  You setup a drive page online (in minutes), use email and social media to invite people to your drive and they buy food right there online.  YouGiveGoods even has a fresh produce campaign. When the drive is over YouGiveGoods will deliver all the food to the pantry. You can even be there when the food is delivered to have a service day.  Seriously brilliant!
Everyone from small and large corporations to families to fraternities/sororities to high schools to a second grade lacrosse team can create their own personalized drive.  Pet loverswill be happy to hear that even our four legged friends benefit.  Literally, anyone can start a drive and challenging departments, chapters, grades, family members and teams to raise the most just adds to the fun.  It’s the definition of healthy competition.  Just ask Xavier High School or six year old Aidan who believes no child should go hungry or the Apple Montessori School who wants to feed women and children in need in Paterson, New Jersey.
Start one anytime…but #GivingTuesday (December 3rd) is a good goal.
Why is this about leadership?  Leaders figure out a way to give, even if it means starting a Food Fight.
Let the holidays begin…Enjoy!