This blog on bullying is called Tangled Ball. Why? Because bullying is a messy, complicated problem. What’s happening in South Hadley, Massachusetts right now is the clearest example of how the lives of our young, our families and our schools are being lost or diminished at the hands of unchecked mean behavior.

If you are a reader of the blog, you know that there are many good people doing many good things in the fields of bullying prevention and online safety. So, this is the question, why is the problem escalating?

It’s time to combine efforts, identify real solutions and step up efforts to get these services, products and messages to every parent, child, home, school, media outlet, decision-maker, government agency, pediatrician and mental health professional.

It will take hundreds of solutions. And those that are not worried about protecting their territory, their approach, their product are the ones that will make the difference.

If you work in the field or have an interest in the tide of bullying turning, this is your chance to share your expertise, your opinion, your wish list, or your perspective on what is needed or what is already working to help untangle one string at a time.

Tangled Ball will do it’s best to share these ideas and encourage change.

Your comments may mean the difference between life and death. Just look at South Hadley.