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When You Want to Choke Your Child’s Facebook Bully

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How many can relate to the mom from St. Petersburg, Florida who was arrested last week for choking her daughter’s online tormentor? From the NY Daily News Report: “I just snapped,” Piscitella wrote on Facebook. “Yes I shouldn’t have done…

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Listen to Ally: When It Comes to Being Bullied, She Knows What She’s Talking About

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Several months ago, my friend, Nancy, and I attended a bullying and cyberbullying panel discussion featuring some of the top names in the field…but the most impressive by far, was an expert sitting in the audience. The most riveting remarks…

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Blood is Thicker than Water: Bullying Prevention and Intervention

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Family Discusses WH Bullying Conference: The role of the sibling is so powerful. A caring sibling can make all the difference and is one of the roles that doesn’t get enough attention. Siblings are often better positioned to understand…

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White House Summit on Bullying: What Can We Do?

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In President Obama’s opening remarks at the White House Summit on Bullying, he said, “No child should feel that alone.” That just about sums up why I’m involved. In the closing remarks after all the true but tragic stories, the…

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