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Thankful for the People Who Step Up: ABC: Anti-Bullying Coalition

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Are you ever curious how and why certain people become involved in the bullying prevention issue? Recently, I became aware of a great site and facebook page for ABC: Anti-Bullying Coalition. It’s really inclusive. It made me wonder who started…

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Anderson Trying to Untangle Messy Issue of Bullying

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Anderson Cooper should get a Tangled Ball Award for putting so much effort into trying to untangle the complicated mess of bullying through his series this week: Bullying: It Stops Here. He is definitely a Be the One Go-To Adult….

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President Obama’s Message and a Reminder of How Many Kids We’ve Lost

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OK, so Tangled Ball had a different expert in mind to feature today…but he IS the President…and it’s very important that he added his voice to this subject. I hope that ALL kids feeling relentlessly “put down” and suffering will…

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First Tangled Ball Award Ever Goes To…Stan Davis!

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Stan Davis deserves an award just for the title of his first book alone: Schools Where Everyone Belongs. Isn’t that a beautiful concept? As a resource for schools, this book, co-authored with his daughter Julia, does not disappoint. It’s hopeful…

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Emotional Weight of Bullying on Overweight Kids

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Here’s something to pay attention to for a variety of reasons. Kids who are overweight have long term emotional scars from the teasing, bullying and downright abuse of their peers. That’s a total bummer for kids with extra pounds. Physical…

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