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Thankful for the People Who Step Up: ABC: Anti-Bullying Coalition

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Are you ever curious how and why certain people become involved in the bullying prevention issue? Recently, I became aware of a great site and facebook page for ABC: Anti-Bullying Coalition. It’s really inclusive. It made me wonder who started…

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President Obama’s Message and a Reminder of How Many Kids We’ve Lost

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OK, so Tangled Ball had a different expert in mind to feature today…but he IS the President…and it’s very important that he added his voice to this subject. I hope that ALL kids feeling relentlessly “put down” and suffering will…

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First Tangled Ball Award Ever Goes To…Stan Davis!

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Stan Davis deserves an award just for the title of his first book alone: Schools Where Everyone Belongs. Isn’t that a beautiful concept? As a resource for schools, this book, co-authored with his daughter Julia, does not disappoint. It’s hopeful…

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Emotional Weight of Bullying on Overweight Kids

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Here’s something to pay attention to for a variety of reasons. Kids who are overweight have long term emotional scars from the teasing, bullying and downright abuse of their peers. That’s a total bummer for kids with extra pounds. Physical…

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Bullying: Demi Lovato is an UPSTANDER!

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Demi Lovato hearts Kelly Clarkson, and Bill O'Reilly hearts Demi Lovato (Click on link above and scroll to short 2nd video to see Demi’s advice to kids about bullying.) Good girl, Demi. You haven’t backed down from your message. A…

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Kids with Asperger’s More Likely to Be Bullied

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According to keynote remarks by Kevin Jennings, director of Department of Education’s Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools, at the CSEE Institute yesterday, kids with Asperger’s Syndrome are six times more likely to be bullied in school. If you’re…

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