There’s a line from another Rascal Flatt’s song, “I’m Movin On,” that says “you find strength in your moments of weakness.”

If we can teach kids to find their strength even when others try to make them feel weak — and to help others do the same– we might save some lives.

One of the most difficult parts of working on the bullying issue is that you don’t know who you’re helping. You can look at a whole classroom of kids and not know who is hurting inside. That’s why a mentoring program seems to be helpful. It’s a way to cover everyone. It’s a way to make sure that each child has someone that looks them in the eye and is happy to be with them –and it goes both ways. Sometimes it’s the eighth grader who needs the validation from the first grader.

I knew I had to use this video when I saw the lyrics referring to the tangled thoughts. One of the questions asked is Was there anything more I could have said or done? Maybe it’s about saying, doing — and seeing. Making sure that someone sees and validates a young child’s worth on a consistent basis is so important.

Why? It might be the reason someone stays on stage and finishes their beautiful song.