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Alex from The Bully Project: “Some Kids Get Enjoyment from Seeing Other Kids Hurt.”

By July 14, 2010 No Comments

If you saw Alex Perry in the school hallway, you might not guess that this is what she was thinking.

There are many kids like Alex in schools. We just have to see them, step up and not let other “kids get enjoyment from seeing other kids hurt.”

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a teacher, coach, counselor, peer, or parent. You don’t need a degree to help. You just need compassion and a willingness to step up. Or in other words, be an “upstander.”

Kids with special needs are more likely to get bullied. That doesn’t say much for our society. If you are a parent of a child with special needs, a good resource is Smart Kids with LD. It has good information on how to help your child interact with peers which increases the chances of a positive school experience.

The “Alex” clip is from The Bully Project, the first feature length documentary about peer to peer abuse. If you want to donate to The Bully Project, IndieGoGo makes it easy.