Single Dad Laughing blogger Dan Pearce wrote a piece about acceptance titled “Im Christian, Unless You’re Gay.” It’s not really about religion or homosexuality, it’s about acceptance, in general. It’s a powerful blog with powerful messages, which is why I wanted to share his follow up vlog.

My immediate takeaway? Make someone’s holiday this year and just accept them whether or not they’re “like you.” That’s all. Accept them. Give them eye contact. Engage them in conversation. Have a laugh. Treat them like equals because, of course, they are.

If you have kids, it will be the best Hanukkah, Christmas or Kwanzaa gift you can give. Kids become bullies when they get in the habit of judging others. They either hear us doing it or they’re not stopped when they try it on their own or they copy their peers to fit in.

There’s no time like the holidays to change how we treat others…and to show our kids the power of simple love.

And after you’ve done something you’re proud of, take a page from Ellen DeGeneres or Single Dad Laughing, Dan Pearce…and Just Dance…