6 Powerful Words

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Can you imagine if only 3 sets of two words could change a person’s day or perhaps even their life? Sound implausible? It’s not only possible, it’s likely. These six words when said with sincerity can build solid social connections and even halt years of pain.  I’m not saying they are always the easiest words to say but they are perhaps the most powerful.

Thank You

Teaching children gratitude is teaching them how to think positively. It also has to be taught by example. When adults are grateful, children learn how to look at life from a rosier lens. And when exposed to gratitude often enough at young ages, their brains become hardwired to focus on the goodas they grow up.  Thank you, good old neuroplasticity! (And what a great example of gratitude and leadership. A school full of kids recognizing the janitor for his hard work and love. Hats off to the teacher who put this in motion. Kudos to the kids…and Happy Belated Birthday to Mr. Haze!

I’m Sorry

We all make mistakes and it’s good for the soul to admit it. Kids need to witness how adults handle mistakes. A sincere “I’m sorry” shows maturity, compassion and a willingness to grow. Isn’t that what we want for them?

We may need to help them with the skillof making eye contact and guiding them through what words to say, but it is part of developing their social and emotional intelligence. As life goes on, they’ll realize that a quality I’m sorry is better than years of potential resentment and misunderstanding.

I Remember

A recent articleinterviewed adults about the contributions of their grandparents, particularly their grandmothers. To remember what others have done for us validates their importance fills us with appreciation. Encouraging our children to appreciate the people in their lives will always serve them well.

Simple tips? Remind them of the gifts they’ve received from others whether it’s a physical gift or the gift of time and attention or the gift of wisdom.

Those conversations will make you both smile. And isn’t joy the point?

It’s six words. Two at a time.


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