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10 Seconds in Bullying Prevention: Where Does the Computer Go?

By November 11, 2010 No Comments

Ten seconds. Yes. Ten seconds can make a huge difference in bullying, including cyber bullying, prevention.

Today’s tip and Scenario 3:

Your child has had an old computer handed down to them and it’s in their room. Now that your oldest is in middle school and the computer is on the fritz, you decide you’d better replace it. It’s science project time. Seriously, it would be easier to lay on a bed of nails than to do a science project without a good working home computer. It’s enough to throw a parent into full blown panic. So it’s off to the store.

When you come home, box in hand, you’re thinking, “Where do I put it down?” You have a moment of hesitation before just carting it up to your child’s room and plunking it down where it’s now deceased predecessor once sat.

You stop and think — and five seconds later– you connect. With your elbow, you knock off the pile of bills, papers sent home from school waiting to be signed, part of the peanut butter and jelly sandwich you made for breakfast and you place the computer in it’s new home. Right smack in the middle of the kitchen where everyone can see it.

Your middle schooler is still in shock. What?? This is horrible. Unfair. Dorky. Lame. Unthinkable.

It takes 10 seconds to do the right thing but admittedly it will take hours to ignore the pleas from an unhappy child. But in the end, it will save you hours of sleep because now you can see what your child is saying to others and what they’re saying to them. You can intervene if necessary and help before it gets out of hand.

And the side benefit? As you were shoving the papers out of the way, you noticed that the class trip permission slip has to be in tomorrow. Phew. Dodged a bullet again.