Really? It only takes 10 seconds to make a difference in bullying prevention? Yep.

Everyone can do something? Yes, again.

Here is today’s tip:

Scenario 2

You’re in the car taking your child to school. You’re praying you don’t have to get out of the car because it’s been a really hectic “day” and it’s only 7:35 a.m. So hectic that you’re wearing your pajama bottoms with a sweater so that if people just see you from the head up, they’ll assume you’re totally dressed. You may get away with it because you threw on some lipstick while you were in the driveway.

You pull up to the building where other little munchkins are already waiting outside for the bell to ring. You notice that there’s one child from your kid’s class that still looks a little out of place and awkward.

You have the presence of mind to say to your own child,

“Be nice to the new kid today.”

(That only took about 4 seconds but wait for another 3 seconds to hear an answer. And in the remaining 3 seconds you say,

“I’m proud of you.”

What just happened in 10 seconds? Building a foundation of empathy, empowerment, kindness, tolerance that will be passed along by example. That’s what an upstander does.

Now how do you get back in the house without your neighbor seeing you? Luckily you have your lipstick on so they won’t even notice that you’re not wearing real pants.